School Sucks

Does anyone understand how boring school is? Honestly, I’m thinking about dropping out. Of course, I can’t, but the idea is nice. I only go to school twice a week, and it’s still shitty. I hate everyone in my class. I just want to pound my head against a wall because of the things they say. I’m with a bunch of eleventh graders (I’m in twelfth grade). There’s this one guy that pushed me out of the way, and it took me everything inside me to not kick him in the dick.

I have no idea why younger people (especially guys) think they know everything. What the hell? I don’t even go to a traditional high school. This is my third high school, but it’s really a college-prep school. Does that mean I’m smart? Only in English. I got a seven out of eight on my English placement test (you have to get a five or better). Barely anyone gets a seven.

Basically all and English placement test (I don’t really think it’s called that, but whatever) is, is a test where you write an essay about whatever topic they randomly give you. I forgot what mine was, but it wasn’t that hard. I had a friend that got a three. She’s not the brightest.

Like, I get that some people suck at English. It’s just how they were brought up. I was brought up by a mom that is very good at English and made sure I was good at it. I read one million words by the time I was in fifth grade. Smart, huh?

Anyway, if anyone has any questions, you can ask. But, changing the subject, I usually watch Netflix here. That’s what I’m doing as I’m writing. Fun fact: I love documentaries. That’s what I’m watching right now.

I’ll probably update if something happens, but I work until ten tonight. So I probably won’t. FML.


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