Back Again!

I’ve been away for a bit, which sucks if you think about it. Did I have anything happen throughout the time I was gone? Sort of. I honestly don’t remember where I left off, so now I’ll just start fresh.

My birthday just recently passed, and it was good. I’ll go through the day so you guys can figure out how the day went. This actually wasn’t as bad as last year’s.

I woke up around seven-thirty in the morning and went out to the living room so I could see how many present I got. I don’t only care about presents, but I really felt like I’d get more than two! Of course I got money, but it really upset me that no one cared enough to get me presents. Maybe I’m shallow, I don’t know. It’s just a self-esteem thing.

Anyway, I opened the two presents (both from my mom). One was a pink wallet phone case. I find it really useful since I despise carrying a wallet and I never had a case on my phone until opening it. I really like it. The other present was a book (also from my mom). It wasn’t just any type of book, though. When I first opened it, I saw the cover and thought she got me the wrong type. It looked like a little Pilgrim girl, but it wasn’t. It was an Amish girl, an autobiography. I think it was the hat that confused me.

We went to go get food from my favorite restaurant ever, and then went to see a movie. That was it. I got free cake from the restaurant.

When I got home, I checked the mail and opened a few my presents (my grandma on my real dad’s side was the only other one that got me presents). The rest was cards saying “Happy Birthday!” and spilling out money. I really expected more money. Everything added up to around $200, which is a lot for some people, but I get more than that on other holidays.

I got a small lucky pig thing from Katie. She gave it to me when we hung out after she got off work. We went to see a movie with Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal in it, which Ryan just died ten minutes into it. Bummer.

She talked to me about her druggie boy toy, which is alright. She could do better. I swear she’s trying too hard to get into the rebel type of thing.

Back to the movie. I saw Daniel. He called earlier that day to wish me a happy birthday and wanted to meet up and talk sometime. We all know what type of talk he was hinting at. I caved in and mentioned that I was seeing a movie at the local movie theater and he came to find me. How romantic is that? He spent ten dollars just to see me on my birthday! Swoon.

I left the movie to go to the bathroom, which wasn’t the whole truth. I was going to the bathroom, just not to use it. Have you guys ever had sex in a public bathroom? It’s not as glamorous as the movies make it out to be. Where are you supposed to do it? In a stall? Out in the open? The only place we could do it was in the handicap stall, and even then it was gross. Public bathrooms are disgusting, so I have no idea why we ended up fucking in one. Hormones?

I tried keeping quiet whenever I heard someone walk in. But Daniel was so good! He pinned me against the wall and pulled down my jeans and underwear. We aren’t the type of couple that fools around before sex. Daniel pulled his jeans and boxers down and we made love inside a bathroom stall. I wouldn’t advise it, but at least I can cross that off my imaginary bucket list.

Katie probably thought I fell in or something since it lasted about fifteen minutes. I just didn’t want to leave his side. I hadn’t seen him in a few weeks, and he was even more handsome since the last time we hung out. I swear I’m in love.

I’m going to skip to the end of the night. All of what happened in between is unnecessary and boring. I can’t possibly bore you guys with that information. Anyway, I got home and chilled out by myself, catching up on a show that I was watching. I kept getting texts from the guy next door. He wanted to wish me a happy birthday by sending me pictures of his small penis. I sent him a picture of me smiling and my middle finger up. He’s a perv, but it’s fun to mess with him. I always have my window open and he always looks at me through it. I usually stand in front of it in only my underwear. I wonder if he’d be a good fuck.

Sorry to cut this so short. I’ll update soon. I don’t know why this was so long. Bye.


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