The Boy with the Green Eyes

Daniel picked me up around 11:30am in his shitty car that most college students have. I guess it’s not so bad since, you know, I can’t drive or anything. That’s what I get for putting off my license for so long. It’s actually not terrible compared to other cars I’ve been seeing. I can’t tell you the name of it, though. I’m shit at knowing car models. As long as it runs and won’t blow up while I’m inside of it, it’s good enough for me.

Anyway, Daniel’s easy on the eyes. His hair is brown, and he has green eyes. I think that’s partially why I’m doing this with him. He’s also not some skinny guy, so that’s a plus. He’s the right type of muscular (which means he doesn’t overdo it with the weights).

In the whatever type of car he has, he turned on the radio to a rock station. I can’t really complain since it’s way better than the stuff they’re playing on other radio stations. Like, come on. Who needs to hear Ed Sheeran or Bruno Mars fifty times a day?

We were on our way to his place, and of course we’re just waiting. I’ve never done anything to him in the car since I think it’s useless. There’s only two things you can do to someone in the car: a handjob and a blowjob. I was not doing oral in a car, and I don’t ever want to imagine myself doing it at all.

But I decided to wait since I read somewhere that handjobs in cars are illegal. Apparently it’s public indecency and you can get a ticket for it if caught. I wasn’t in the mood for that. Besides, the longer you wait, the more you want it. Right?

So when we arrive at his place, we immediately get out of the car and Daniel forgets to turn it off. I had to remind him so the car wouldn’t die. He was too excited for what was to come! His roommates weren’t home, so I think that’s why he wanted to do it at his place this time.

After getting inside the apartment, he didn’t hesitate at all. He pinned me against the door after it was closed and we made out until we got to his room. He doesn’t have anything weird in his room, but I wasn’t really thinking about it as we tore off each other’s clothes. I guess it’s a lot cleaner than what a normal guy’s room is supposed to look like. I don’t care about that though. It’s way better than a bunch of junk strewn everywhere.

College guys are so much more mature compared to high school guys. At least Daniel is. He’s gentle and mature and so good in bed. He’s a junior at the local college whereas I’m a senior in high school, so it’s not that big of a difference. We like getting our frustration out with each other.

He takes total control when we have sex and it’s amazing. He’s amazing. After we did the deed, we just talked. We talked about a lot of things but mostly about Abby and her big nose and how funny it would be if she caught us having sex.

“Yeah, she would freak out and probably throw things at me.”

I laugh because Abby looks like some crazy bitch who would throw random shit at someone’s head. “If you’re not together then why would it matter? And I’d make you feel better.” He knew what I meant by that.

“She’s just been bugging me about dating and shit. She won’t even have sex until marriage. Nothing sex related. What kind of shit is that?”

And I don’t think I tried holding in a laugh that hard before. He sounded so pathetic, but it also made me somewhat happy because I knew he’d miss me if he got with her. I decided to just ignore the whole Abby topic and kiss him, my hand slowly running up his thigh until I grabbed his dick and started giving him a handjob.

Now, I know that I said I would never give someone oral, and that’s true. But I had a slight idea about doing it just then. Why? Well, if Daniel knew that I was a girl that didn’t make him wait for things, then he wouldn’t be able to leave me.

After hours of talking and messing with each other, he took me home. I asked him if he was going to update me on the Abby situation but he only responded with a nod and drove off.

I think I love him.


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