Spider Frenzy

I’ve been slacking, and it’s only been a few days. Well, if you wanted to know, nothing’s been happening. Besides Netflix and the occasional procrastination.

Today, though, was actually pretty eventful. I had Daniel (you’ll hear more about him later) come over out of the blue. He’s one of those laid-back type of guys but also sort of weird (but in a cute way). He likes guitar and movies and things like that. We have this thing going on where we go to each other’s houses. It’s usually always at my place since I can’t drive and I doubt he’d want to come pick me up and then drop me back off again.

Well, anyway, he comes over without calling or texting me in advanced. I guess that was fine and all, but I was busy with homework and the fact that we do other things when we’re together just doesn’t help my concentration at all. But it was fun. He likes it when I touch him.

“What’s up with you and Abby?” I asked him. I mean, she was always posting pictures of them/him and if we were going to do this then I obviously didn’t want it to intrude on their relationship. Daniel laughed and said not to worry about it and to “just have fun and relax, Lily.” God, I hate him and his perfect laugh.

Thirty minutes pass and I notice a spider. Seriously, a huge ass spider, and I freak out. Obviously I’m not going to be happy to see an insect less than five feet away from me. I was hooking up with Daniel and this spider just watches us like it’s not big deal.

I just wanted to say a huge FUCK YOU!!!!! to all the spiders and spider lovers in the world.

Daniel was a little bitch and left right away after thanking me for the things that we we did prior to this. Long story short: never fuck with a guy like Daniel and always keep your eye on the damn spider. I lost it somewhere in my living room, and I’m hoping that I don’t catch it in my bed tonight (or any other night, for that matter).

Shit! He just texted me and asked: Tomorrow? My place? Pick u up at 11 (:

Who adds a fucking smiley at the end of a text like that? He probably thinks it’s cute. Ha!



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